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43 Years of Engineering Excellence

Electronica, for over four decades, has been one of the leading manufacturers. Today it is one of the largest exporters of CNC machines worldwide.

World-Class Lean Manufacturing Practising Concepts such as :

* 5 S, Pokayoke, Kaizen, Kanban, JIT and Cellular Manufacturing
* Striving to become a “Zero-Defect” company through Six Sigma initiative
* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Our Network

  • Manufacturing plants in India
  • Distributors in all major countries
  • Exporting products to more than 45 countries
  • Importing technologies and machines of reputed brands from all over the world and distributing them throughout India 


1973 - First Indigenous EDM

1978 - Technical know how from Swiss co.

1986 - First 4 axes CNC Wirecut EDM

- Export activity started

1990 - ZNC EDM launched

1992 - Know how for ‘PMAC’ from ‘Delta Tau’ USA

1994 - ISO 9001 Certification

- Participated in EMO Hannover

2001- Started ‘Industrial Automation Division’

2003- ‘Export Excellence Award’ from EEPC

2004- ‘Export Excellence Award’ from EEPC

2007 - ‘Export Excellence Award’ from EEPC

2009 - High end CNC Wirecut EDM ‘ULTIMA

2011 - ECM launched at IMTEX 2011

2015 - Introduced turbo PMAC from delta tau USA

- Introduction of MCD Division

2016 - Launched VMC arjun series


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