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Arjun 650
Arjun 650 CNC Vertical Machining Machine
Arjun 850

Arjun 850 CNC Vertical Machining Machine

Arjun 1100
Arjun 1100 CNC Vertical Machining Machine

The Vertical Machining center is called VMC in short form. Generally in VMC the cutting tool is rotating& component is stationery. It consist the spindle in vertical direction.

VMCs are utilized primarily (although not solely) as metal cutting machines that remove steel, aluminum or other hard materials—thus, shaping a raw block of material into a precision formed, or “machined” surface.

The VMC’S are used in various Industries
  • Automobile & Ancillaries
  • Die & Mould
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture Equipment manufacturing
  • General Engineering
  • Power Generation
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Ship Building
The VMC’s are useful for following operations
  • Milling
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Carving
  • Engraving

Electronica’s CNC Vertical machining centers having model name -“Arjun”.

The model name “Arjun” itself suggests its inbuilt Precision , Fast & Reliability machine.

Some highlights of CNC Vertical machining center model “Arun 650” by Electronica India Ltd.

This is high speed CNC Vertical Machining Center with compact foot prints compared to other equivalents in the industry.

The Arjun 650 is with table size 800mm X 450mm ,Arjun 850 is with table size 1000mm × 500mm & Arjun1100 is with table size 1200 × 600

The machine with rapid feed rate is 36/36/24 m/min for X, Y, Z axes, helps to reduce the idle time during operation. Machine is equipped with latest CNC system from Mitsubishi as standard, resulting in to “PRECISE, FAST RELIABLE”. Other controller options are also available.

High speed arm type Automatic Tool changer having capacity of 24 tools is optional. The chip to chip time is compatible with best in the industry, helping to cut down the idle time for tool change during operation.

All electro-mechanical components used are of reputed make ensuring high quality performance and highest reliability.

The machine is tuned to gain higher acceleration of axes movement which will result in reducing idle time during operation by fast positioning & tool change functions.

The machine is tested to confirm the standard ISO230-2 & Cutting trials confirm NAS test.

The machine is USER Friendly and offers “Precise-Fast- Reliable’’ machining with higher reliability. Machine will give accurate products with speed resulting in economical operationadding to the profits of the user.

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