Sinker EDM

EDM is a Spark Erosion Process of electrically removing material of any conductive workpiece. This is achieved by giving high frequency pulsed current to the workpiece through an electrode which melts & vaporizes the work piece material. The electrode positioned very precisely & never touches thework piece ,but discharge its potential current through an insulating dielectric fluid, across very small spark gap.

The work piece is submerged in dielectric fluid .The electrode & work piece are connected to the suitable power supply .The electrode approaches to the work piece,the electric field concentrates where the gap is small. The dielectric breakdown occurs in the fluid ,forming ionized channel & a spark jump. Because of this the work piece material melts locally & disintegrates. The disintegrated particles are evacuated by flushing.

TThe EDM process has following advantages

  • Ability to work on Hardened materials.
  • Complex profile capability.
  • Blind cavities & Sharp corners possible
  • Low Cutting forces & hence low work holding forces
  • Eliminates Mechanical distortion
  • Burr free cutting possible
  • Machining of Tungsten carbide is possible.

Electronica India Limited having various types of EDM machines

  • Manual EDM Machines
  • ZNC EDM Machines
  • CNC EDM Machines
  • EDM Machine with “C” axis
  • Table Moving Machines
  • Column Moving Machines

The product range covers almost all the requirements for EDM process.

The highlights of Electronica EDm machines are as below

  • Own CNC System
  • High Reliability
  • Supplied with programming software
  • 40 Years established Brand