W Series - Ecocut
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W Series – Ecocut


  • USB port for program transfer
  • Integral design with compact footprint
  • Max. cutting speed:
    – 70 mm2/min. [With Ø 0.25 special (soft) Brass wire on 50 mm thick HcHcr (Steel) workpiece]
    – 60 mm2/min. [With Ø 0.25 plain Brass wire (Bravocut plus) on 50 mm thick HcHcr (Steel) workpiece]
  • Best surface finish: 1.2 μ Ra
  • Taper : ± 50/100 mm
  • Hand-held remote control
  • ePulse technology
  • Windows based O.S.

CNC Pulse Generator

  • Upgraded EMT 90W controller
  • Colour LCD display
  • e-code for technology parameter
  • On-line program editor
  • USB 2.0 for data transfer
  • PreJOG function (for X, Y axes)
  • 2D graphic simulation of wire path
  • Windows based O.S.

e Pulse Advantages

  • Stable machining and better performance in difficult machining conditions such as

    Flushing nozzle away from the workpiece
    Stacked workpieces

  • Minimum operator intervention


Powerful part programing software

  • Windows-based editor (more flexibility in operation)
  • Automatic installation facility
  • Automatic Start & End block generation at appropriate blocks in NC program
  • Automatic tangential Entry & Exit
  • DXF interface

Technical Specifications

Machine ToolEcocut
Max. table size370 x 600 mm
Max, work piece height200 mm
Max, work piece weight300 kg
Main table traverse (X, Y)250, 350 mm
Auxiliary table traverse (u, v)30, 30 mm
Max, taper cutting angle±50/100 mm
Max. wire spool capacity6 kg
Dry run speed80 mm/min.
Wire diameter0.25 mm (standard) 0.2 mm (optional)
GeneratorELPULS – 15
DisplayColour LCD
Min. input command0.001 mm
Interpolation functionLinear & Circular
Simultaneously controlled axesX, Y, u, v
Min. resolution for X,Y,u, v0.001 mm
Data Input/Output>USB 2.0 >Keyboard
>RS232C Isolated serial interface
Input power supply3 phase, AC 415 V*, 50 Hz
Connected load3 kVA
Average power consumption1.3 to 2.3 kVA
Dielectric Unit
Dielectric fluidDeionised water
Tank capacity140 Litres
Paper filter10 μ Single cartridge
Optional Mineral Filtration System

*Alternate voltage ratings available on request