eNova Series Submerged
  • ENO-1
  • ENO-3
  • ENO-2

eNova Series Submerged

eNova 1S

  • Table traverse :400 x 300 mm
  • Table size : 680 x 500 mm
  • Max. work piece height : 300 mm

eNova 2S

  • Table traverse : 600 x 400 mm
  • Table size : 900 x 580 mm
  • Max. work piece height : 350 mm


  • Compact footprint
  • Slot Corner and external center finding features.
  • Directly coupled with AC Servo motors
  • Wire spool capacity 8 kg
  • Specially designed large surface area paper filter
  • Wide cross-section of wire guide arm
  • Centralized Lubrication
  • Stainless steel, non-corrosive hardened workdable
  • Resin bowl-Large capacity of 16 Liters
  • Auto-align
  • Best surtace finish: 0.4 μ Ra
  • Max. Cutting Speed: 210 mm2/min


  • High precision 5 axes CNC
  • e Nova CNC-Windows embedded CNC controller with TURBO motion control technology
  • Capability of machining
  • Poly-Crystalline Diamond
  • Pulse Generator-Conforms to IEC 60204 standards
  • FEA Verified Rugged Machine Tool
  • Equienergy e Pulse Anti electrolysis ae Pulse
    ae2 Pulse = ePulse+ae Pulse
  • 16-step programmable flushing
  • Windows-based ELCAM
  • Ethernet for networking and remote monitoring
  • Program transfer through USB and Ethernet
  • Auto power recovery
  • Auto Wire Threading (optional)
  • Multistage water filtration

Technical Specifications

Machine Tool eNova 1S eNova 2S
Main axes traverse (X, Y)400 x 300 mm600 x 400 mm
Aux. axes traverse (u, v)100 x 100 mm120 x 120 mm
Work table size680 x 500 mm900 x 580 mm
Max. taper angle35˚ /50 mm35˚ /50 mm
Max. work piece height300 mm350 mm
Max. work piece weight500 kg1000 kg
Max. wire spool capacity8kg
Wire electrode diameter0.25 mm(standard) 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.3(optional)
Wire spool sizeDIN 125, DIN 160, P-3-R, P-5-R
Pulse Generator
Max. machining current25 A
CNC controllerTurbo
Controlled axesX , Y, u,v, Z simultanous independent
Least input increment0.001 mm
Least command input (X, Y, u, v, Z)0.0005 mm
Input power supply3 phase AC 415V (±1%) 50 Hz (Alternate voltage/ frequency ratings available on request)
Connected load13 KVA
Average power consumption11 KVA
Data input/outputWireless
Dielectric Unit
Dielectric fluidDe-ionized water
Dielectric tank capacity850 Liters, 1300 Liters
De-ion capacity16 Liters
Paper filterInside out type, 10 μ
Dielectric cooling capacity2100 kCal.