Mega Series (ZNC/CNC)

Mega Series CNC


  • Integral design with compact footprint
  • Moving column fixed table
  • High speed jump (up to 2.5 m/min)
  • Built in GURU
  • Definable erosion axis
  • Adaptive anti arc and flushing control
  • SYSTEM 3R / EROWA MAKE Manual Chuck with Electrode holding device (OPTIONAL)
  • SAFE machining circuit
  • Canned orbiting cycles
  • Integrated “C” axis (optional) EROWA MAKE
  • Automatic tool changer (optional) EROWA MAKE
  • Linear optical scales of 0.0005mm resolution on all 3 axes (optional)
  • Mega 3 & Mega 5 models on special request

High Speed Jump

High Speed Jump creates a pumping action of dielectric resulting in good flushing condition and always ensuring clean gap conditions.

CNC Controller

  • 32 bit Pentium based computer for human machine interface
  • 56bit digital signal processor (DSP)
  • Multi axes precise motion control
  • Dual processor architecture
  • Automatic repositioning after cycle interruption
  • Independent programming for X,Y,Z and “C” co-ordinates
  • Integrated program logic control
  • Background programming and simulation
  • Part program edit
  • Single block execution
  • Built in program error indication
  • Programmable multi cavity operation
  • XY, XZ, YZ axes vector and orbiting

Adaptive anti-arc and flushing control

Gap discharges are monitored and instant pulse –to-pulse corrective actions are taken.

  • “Matching difficulty index” signal is generated and based on which pulse parameters are suitably corrected.
  • Adaptive jump cycle control based on the concentration of debris in the machining gap
  • Auto age find and center find ( internal & external)
  • Selectable auto shutoff after sparking cycle or in case of any faults for un attended operations
  • Auto power recovery
  • Programmable auto flushing to enhance machining stability
  • Programmable process control
  • Mirror image on X or Y axis
  • Display of electrode path during machining
  • Hand held, full function remote control unit
  • Built in EDM technology data for various materials to set erosion conditions efficiently (auto & user definable)
  • Built in recipe in GURU
  • Self – diagnostics

Safety and protections

  • For CPU, measuring circuit, servo overload, over traverse limits and main s over and under voltage. Dielectric over temperature, Low level, Over flow and fire detection

Data input and output

  • Keyboard –ASCII with 10 software keys
  • USB
  • 15” LCD monitor

Machine Tool

  • Moving column fixed table
  • LM guide ways for all 3 axes
  • Precision ball screws and closed look AC servo system for 3 axes

Technical Specification

Machine ToolMega 0 CNCMega 1 CNCMega 2 CNC
Work tank internal dimension (WxDxH)1080 x 700 x 450 mm1500 x 900 x 500 mm1800 x 1100 x 570 mm
Work table dimensions700 x 400 mm900 x 600 mm1100 x 600 mm
Longitudinal Travel (X)450 mm600 mm800 mm
Transverse Travel (Y)350 mm400 mm500 mm
Quill travel(Z)300 mm400 mm400 mm
Max. work piece height300 mm400 mm400 mm
Max. permitted load on the table1000 kg2500 kg3000 kg
Max. electrode weight70 kg – without ‘C’ axis
25 kg – with ‘C’ axis
( in static mode)
100 kg – without ‘C’ axis
25 kg – with ‘C’ axis
( in static mode)
100 kg – without ‘C’ axis
25 kg – with ‘C’ axis
( in static mode)
Dielectric Unit
Tank capacity640 Litres970 Litres150 Litres
Filtration system10 μ Paper cartridge, 4 Nos.10 μ Paper cartridge, 6 Nos.10 μ Paper cartridge, 6 Nos.
Pulse GeneratorS 50 CNCS 50 CNCS 50 CNC
Pulse generator typeMOSFET MOSFET MOSFET
Maximum working current50 A50 A50 A*
Pulse on time0.25 to 3000 μ sec.0.25 to 3000 μ sec.0.25 to 3000 μ sec.
Pulse frequency0.22 to 1492 kHz0.22 to 1492 kHz0.22 to 1492 kHz
Max. MRR (Cu-St)350 mm2 /min350 mm2 /min350 mm2 /min
Max. MRR (Gr-steel)500 mm2 /min500 mm2 /min500 mm2 /min
Best surface finish (Cu-St)0.3 μ Ra0.3 μ Ra0.6 μ Ra
Min. electrode wear (Cu-St & Gr – ST)< 0.2 %< 0.2 %< 0.2 %
Power supply3 phase, AC 415 V*, 50 Hz3 phase, AC 415 V*, 50 Hz3 phase, AC 415 V*, 50 Hz
Connected load6 KVA6 KVA6 KVA