Arjun Plus P Series


  • X, Y, Z Travel – 700 x 400 x 400 mm
  • Ergonomically designed structure for dynamic rigidity
  • 24 tool ATC, Tool Change Time 1.5 Sec.
  • 48 / 48 / 48 m/min rapid rate for X/Y /Z axes
  • High Speed Spindle 10000 rpm with Direct Drive
  • Spindle Power – 5.5 / 7.5 Kw
  • Japanese – LM & Ball Screw for long life of Machine
  • Coolant Through Spindle – CTS (Optional)Chip conveyor (Optional)
  • Better Chip evacuation with engineered splash guard
  • Electronica’s world class engineering & Design backed by all India service and sales network.
SpecificationARJUN Plus V700 P
Axis Travel
Spindle Nose to Table Surface150 – 550mm
Work Table
Table Surface Dimension (X, Y)850×410
T-Slot Dimension/ No./ Pitch18mmx3x125mm
Table Height970mm
Maximum Table Weight400 kg
Spindle Motor Power (Cont./30 min)5.5/7.5 Kw
Spindle Motor CouplingDirect Drive
Spindle Speed8,000 rpm, 10,000 with spindle chiller
Tool TypeBT #40, 4-Ceremic bearing – 2-Front, 2-Rear (BBT # 40 Optional)
Spindle Bearing – Inner Diameter
Spindle Material / Hardness
Shaft SAE 8620 / HRC 58-60
Spindle Runout0.002mm At Bore Taper ,On 300mm Mandrel – 0.08mm
Retention System / Holding Capacity700 ± 100 KgF
Axis Feeds
Rapid Traverse – X/Y/Z48/48/48 m / minute
Rated Cutting Feedrate – X/Y/Z20/20/20 m/min.
Mechanical Way System – X/Y/Z30R/30R/35Rmm width
Axis Drive Motor Power – X, Y/Z2/2/3 Kw
Axis Thrust Force – X, Y/Z13.7/13.7/22.5 Nm
Ballscrews – X, Y, Z32mm Ballscrews, 16mm Pitch
Positioning Accuracy – X/Y/Z0.010mm
Positioning Repeatability – X/Y/Z0.006mm
Least Input Command Increment0.001mm
Tool Changer
Tool Capacity24-Tools, Arm Turret (Option)
Tool ShankBBT 40 (Option)
Tool Change Time1.5-sec. tool-to-tool,
Maximum Tool Diameter / withMaximum Tool Diameter / with75mm with no adjacent tool/
adjacent tool150mm w/o Adj. Tool
Maximum Tool Length / Weight250mm / 8 kg
Tool Selection / Tool AccessRandom access Bi-directional shortest path
Air Service Requirements6 Kg/cm2
Connected Load
Coolant Tank Capacity
22 Kva
300 liters
Coolant Pump – LPM /Pressure200 LPM , 2 Bar
Floor space requirements (L x W x H)3100*x2400x2800 mm
Machine Weight5500 kg