EDM Drill Smartdrill manufacturer

Smart Drill


  • Small hole drilling in hard metals
  • Both brass and copper electrode tubes can be used
  • Large drilling range
  • Tap water is used as dielectric fluid
  • Granite work table ensures longer life
  • Precision DC servo control to maximize drilling stability and speed
  • Compact footprint

Technical Specifications

Machine ToolSmartdrill
Work table320 x 430 mm (Granite)
X & Y axes travel300 x 400 mm
Z axis travel280 + 300 mm
Max. electrode length400 mm
Size of electrode dia.⌀ 0.3~3.0mm
Max. drill depth≥ 300 mm
Max. coolant pressure6 MPA
Max. weight of the workpiece350 kg
Connected load3 KVA
Work tank25 L
Input power supply3 phase, AC 415 V*, 50 Hz
Net weight700 kg
Machine footprint1200 x 1500 x 1900 mm
Ball Screw X, Y
Job materialSteel / Brass / Aluminium / Carbide / other conducting materials
DielectricTap water / Coolant soap
Max. drilling speed20-60 mm / min (dia1.0 mm)

Standard Scope of Supply

Tool-box and tools
Halogen lamp
Electrode holder
0.5 and 1.0 mm guide – 1 no. for each size
0.5 and 1.0 mm seals – 10 nos
Electrode wire- 1 piece
Brass tubes – 20 pieces
Ball Screws for X, Y
Motorised movement for back slide
Lubrication pump
Scale drum for X & Y axes