About Us

Electronica, with its 43 years of experience in manufacturing EDM’s & WEDM’s, is characterised by technology leadership, pertinent solutions, prompt service, highest machine population in India, significant presence in more than 40 countries and excellent customer relation.

At Electronica, every action is pivoted around the customer, be it fast-paced product development, test center for pre-purchase trials, retrofitting facilities or nationwide network of qualified and trained engineers. This customer focus not only makes us the leader in our field, but also elevates us to the status of the ‘Most Preferred Company’ for EDM’s & WEDM’s by several leading corporate and thousands of jobbers in India and abroad.

World-Class Lean Manufacturing Practising Concepts such as :

  •  5 S, Pokayoke, Kaizen, Kanban, JIT and Cellular Manufacturing
  • Striving to become a “Zero-defect” company through Six Sigma initiative
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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