Wire EDM

The principle is similar to EDM process, High voltage pulse train containing short period ON & Off time applied between Workpiece & electrode (Wire) where wire is surrounded by de ionized water and works as dielectric. During ON time dielectric breaks & becomes conductive to pass high peak current & melts the material. Wire electrode mainly from brass or stratified copper of diameter ranging from 0.33 mm to 0.070mm is used to erode the material.

The wire is continuously getting refreshed by Wire pulling mechanism & passing through very tight tolerance diamond wire guides upper & lower of work piece. The rotating wire is continuouslyunder specific tension.. The water is used as dielectric flushed with high pressure from upper & lower nozzles to form the water column around the wire.

There are 2 types of WEDM machining technologies

  • Open flushing or Flush type
  • Submerge type

The Wire cut EDM process has following advantages,

  • Ability to work on hardened material.
  • Ability to machine intricate profiles with sharp corners.
  • Ability to machine complex profiles.
  • Burr free cutting possible.
  • No change in tolerance.
  • Low, cutting and work holding forces results in lesswear and tear of the basic machine tool & work piece.
  • Eliminates mechanical distortion.
  • Advantageous in small hole machining
  • Machining of exotic material like Tungsten Carbide, Titanium, enconel etc.

Electronica India Limited having various types of Wire Cut EDM machines

  • Reciprocating type
  • Travelling type
  • Flush type
  • Submerge Type
  • Table Moving Machines
  • Column Moving Machines

The product range covers almost all the requirements for Wire Cut EDM process.

The highlights of Electronica Wire Cut EDm machines are as below

  • Own CNC System
  • High Reliability
  • Supplied with programming software
  • 40 Years established Brand