ARJUN Plus V850
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ARJUN Plus V1100

  • 8,000 / 10,000 RPM
  • 24-Tool ATC
  • International Standard LM guide and Ball screw
  • BT#40 Spindle - 7.5 /11 Kw Spindle Motor
  • Better Chip evacuation with engineered splash guard
  • Electronica's world class engineering & Design backed by all India service and sales network.
  • Enhanced die mold cutting features.

The ARJUN Plus V series is integrated with brand new exterior designs, demonstrating highest stability along with great configuration. This series offers high performance, high precision and high speed at an economical price.

Feed Your Need with Rigidity and Reliaibility

Rapid Feedrate

36/36/24 m/min

Auto Tool Change Time

2.5 Sec.

Tool Magazine Capacity

24 Tools

Minimal Z-Axis Drop

On Sudden Power failure and Emergency stop

New Base Tray Design

For easy chip flow

More Rigidity

with wider span guide ways

International Standard Guide ways

High precision LM Guides

Traditional Manual Scrapping method

For high Precision Surfacing

Standard and Optional Functions

High Brightness work light as standard for easy loading/unloading work from table
01. Lighting System
Portable hand wheel beneficial to operation flexibility
02. Portable MPG
to prevent coolant/mist splashing outside the machine
03. Full Enclosed Cover
Based on ergonomics easy operation and maintenance
04. Operator close to table
Tool Clamp/unclamp
05. Easy tool clamp/unclamp button
Wider Side Doors
06. Wider Side doors for easy maintenance
Wide Front Door
07. Wider front door for easy loading/unloading
Better Chip Evacuation
08. Better chip evacuation with flood coolant system
3 Color Signal Lamp
09. Signal lamps for operation and machine status
10. 4th Axis
10. Tool Length Measurement
10. Work piece Measurement
10. Chip Conveyor
10. 24 Tools ATC

Actual machined samples


Standard CNC provides high productivity and easy operability (Mitsubishi M80 Series)
  • Panel-in type, a control unit with integrated display
  • Provided in package (Type A/Type B) for easier selection
  • Windows-less display provides easy operability
  • High Speed, High Accuracy, High Quality cutting through SSS-4G Control
High Precision, High Speed and Simple Operation with FANUC OiMF Plus Series (Option)
  • Renewed Design Equipped with iHMI
  • Equipped with FANUC's Latest CNC and servo Technologies.
  • Fine Surface Technology option.
  • Extensive Failure prediction with Diagnosis/ Maintenance Functions.
Specification ARJUN Plus V 1100
Axis Travel
X-Travel 1100mm
Y-Travel 600mm
Z-Travel 600mm
Spindle Nose to Table Surface

150 – 750mm

Work Table
Table Surface Dimension (X, Y)

1200 x 600mm

T-Slot Dimension/ No./ Pitch


Table Height 900mm
Maximum Table Weight

1000 kg

Spindle Motor Power (Cont./30 min)

7.5/11 Kw , 11/15 (OPT)

Spindle Motor Coupling

Belt Driven

Spindle Speed

8,000 rpm, 10,000/12,000 rpm

Tool Type BT #40, 5-bearing spindle – 2-Front,
3-Rear, BT 50 (OPT)
Spindle Bearing - Inner Diameter 70mm
Spindle Material / Hardness

Shaft SAE 8620 / HRC 58-60

Spindle Runout 0.002mm At Bore Taper ,On 300mm
Mandrel – 0.010mm
Retention System / Holding Capacity 850 ± 100 KgF
Axis Feeds
Rapid Traverse – X/Y/Z

36/36/24 m / minute

Rated Cutting Feedrate – X/Y/Z 10/10/10 m/min.
Mechanical Way System – X/Y/Z

35/45/45mm width

Axis Drive Motor Power – X, Y/Z

3/3/4.5 Kw

Axis Thrust Force – X, Y/Z

22.5/22.5/37.2 Nm

Ballscrews – X, Y, Z

40mm Ballscrews, 12mm Pitch

Positioning Accuracy – X/Y/Z 0.010mm
Positioning Repeatability – X/Y/Z 0.006mm
Least Input Command Increment 0.001mm
Tool Changer
Tool Capacity 24-Tools, Arm Turret (Option)
Tool Shank BT#40,BBT 40 (Option)
Tool Change Time 2.5-sec. tool-to-tool,
Maximum Tool Diameter / with
adjacent tool
75mm with no adjacent tool/
150mm w/o Adj. Tool
Maximum Tool Length / Weight 250mm / 8 kg
Tool Selection / Tool Access Random access Bi-directional
shortest path
Air Service Requirements 6 Kg/cm2
Connected Load

25 Kva

Coolant Tank Capacity

425 liters

Coolant Pump  - LPM /Pressure 200 LPM , 2 Bar
Floor space requirements (L x W x H)

2450x3250x2950 mm

Machine Weight 6200 kg
Warranty 1 year warranty for Machine Tool
2 year warranty for Controller