• 550x350-1
  • 550x350-2

5030 ZNC


  • Very low power consumption
  • Like-to-like matching
  • MOSFET for superior finish
  • Carbide cutting
  • Optimum performance
  • Ball screw for x, y axes
  • Impulse flushing
  • Ergonomically designed control panel
  • Day/Night mode for 24 hours operation
  • Auto  positioning with audiovisual signal
  • Reverse servo sparking
  • Multistage ant-arc in built
  • Reverse polarity for every operation
  • DC servo with speed-up function
  • AC servo with speed up for ZNC


  • Plastic moulds
  • Forging dies
  • Coining dies
  • Die-casting dies
  • Carbide dies
  • Engraving dies

Precision Co-ordinate Table

  • Table made from close-gained casting to ensure structural stability
  • Ball screw for x, y axes
  • Symmetric guide-ways to nullify thermal expansion
  • Independent locking of slides, free from transverse forces
  • Needle roller bearings ensure smooth table movement
  • Trapezoidal screw on z axis

Long-life Machine Tool

  • Box type construction with rectangular cross-section and heavy ribbing duly stress-relieved
  • Highly deflection-resistant with excellent dynamic and static rigidity
  • High-accuracy quill running on pre-loaded cross-roller bearings
  • Accuracy of the quill 0.01 mm over 150 mm traverse

Safety Interlocks

  • Input supply over-voltage / under-voltage cut-off
  • Low level safety shut-off (LL)
  • Preset depth (PSD)
  • Z-Upper Limit Switch (ULS)

Technical Specifications

Machine Tool500 X 300 / ZNC
Work tank size725 X 415 X 315 mm
Work table size500 X 300 mm
T slots for fixing3 of 10 mm
Longitudinal travel (X)280 mm
Transverse travel (Y)200mm
Quill Travel (Z)250 mm
Max .permitted load on the table175 kg
Max. electrode weight50 kg
Max. height above the table250mm
Servo system (Z axis)DC servo / AC servo for ZNC
Filter element10 μ paper filter
Pimp motor rating1HP, 3 phase
Overall dimensions1300 x 1100 x 2100
Pulse Generator
Max. working current35 + 2 Amp
Max. MRR(Copper to Steel)
(Graphite to Steel)
240 mm3/min
300 mm3/min
Min. electrode wear0.2%
Surface finish0.8 μ Ra / 0.3 μ Ra for ZNC
Connected load4kVA
Power supply3 phase, 415 V* AC, 50Hz
Dielectric Unit
Dielectric capacity340 Litres
Filter element10 μ Paper filter